Virtual Tour

Welcome to Lattice House! This 360 degree tour will give you a feel that pictures alone cannot convey. First look at the doll house view to see the entire layout at once. Then enter the tour. Depending on your computer, you will find the easiest way to walk through. I find it best to use my mouse to follow the the blue circles on the floor through the house. Then when I am in a room, I use the arrow keys to get the 360 view of the room. To move between floors, look for the small darker turquoise circle on the doors. The sliding door to the deck in the kitchen will take you down and the hall door or sliding door in the bedroom will take you back up. Then go to each deck and use your arrows to get a 360 view from there. It is too bad the videographer arrived late in the days so you cannot see the glorious turquoise  that most days bring, but I think you can still feel how lovely it is to be at Lattice any time of the year!